D.A.T Dialogue among Things

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  • Build your own fantastic dialogue between any kind of object or creature.

  • Imagine a dialogue in which you may involve any kind of being:
    • an Oil Weel and a Garbanzo Bean
    • a Tomato and a Cow
    • a Van Gogh Canvas and a Brush used by Adolf Hitler
    • A Zombie lending his creepy arm to a crab
    • A robot dramatically looking like Marylin Monroe talking to his unconnfortable shoes
    • And so on...
  • I made this piece of software Art, to let everyone do the dialogues they like to. In the future, every dialogue will become part of a Nebulae of Dialogues.

  • How it works

  • First Step
  • In the first field write the title for your D.A.T. (max 32 chars) or yur nickname or your name.
  • Then, start write the first sentence of it. Keep in mind that every fields you'll add will be alternatively spoken with the voices (two) you will choose in the second step.
  • Add as much fields you need for your dialogue clicking on "Add another dialogue's sentence" button (max 20 fields, every field max 100 chars).
  • When you will be ready, click on Submit and go to second step.
  • Second Step
  • Choose a language for your first voice, then choose the first voice name. We still have to add a lot of languages. We Will
  • Choose a language for your second voice, then choose the second voice name. Do not use the same voice (it does'nt work).
  • Choose how many words per minute (how fast voices will read text); a good average is between 140 and 170.
  • Click on Submit. Wait till you see three buttons.
    • The green one let you to listen to the dialogue's audio.
    • The red one let yopu dowload a .zip file(not very useful if you do it from a phone)
    • The blue one take you back to the first page
  • From a computer, you should download the mp3 file also clicking on the tail of the player.

Here a dialogue audio sample (EN)

Here a written sample TXT(en)

Qui un file audio di esempio (IT)

Qui un esempio scritto TXT(it)

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